Build influence. Connect global communities.

CrossSpace is the all-in-one platform for Web3 participants to connect, collaborate, and recognise achievements. Together, we build better communities, thus the better world.

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“You may say I'm a dreamer, but I'm not the only one. I hope someday you'll join us. And the world will live as one.” 

                           ― John Lennon, The Beatles

At CrossSpace, we believe that the identity, or the value of an individual, community or organization is not embedded within the entity themselves but lies in its connection with the world. CrossSpace aspires to contribute to the Web 3.0 communities through our infrastructure construction and networking efforts. 

Let's DREAM together. 

For individual users

Build your profile.
Better recognition. Better connection.

For individual web3 adventurers and DAO members, create your profile is the first step in deep collaboration in Web3. Let interesting project find you easier and enjoy the privilege you got via contribution. 


User Profile

Complete your profile as much as you can and let communities learn more about you. You will be able to reach people alike and also reached by people who are looking for talents to join their team.



Follow other members and spaces that you are interested in and get instant update. Keep up with the latest event a Space host or a member friend join, no need to be FOMO and stay confident that you will always be alerted when interesting events happen around your circle. 


Space Card

Be an active contributor to Spaces and collect Space cards as your footprints at CrossSpace. The more you collect, the more privileges you enjoy. There are also different tiers of Space cards that come with unique privileges. Don't miss it!


The Quest System

The Quest system is designed for participants who want to contribute and be recognised for their achievements. No matter you are a new comer or an experienced job seeker in Web3, taking quests is your gateway to potential good job opportunities and be recognised by communities. 

For Communities and DAOs

Create your Space.
Attract talents. 
Build team culture. 

For DAOs and project owners, managing a space is your gateway for better team building and stronger culture. CrossSpace provides variety of tools and campaigns that help boost positive vibes in your teams.  

Space cards for strengthening member loyalty

Brand awareness and advertising

Proof of Work, title and rewarding system


Job display board and talent sourcing 



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